Below are all the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  • What is the delivery time of an article?

Current delivery times are listed on this page. Because the delivery times can change quickly due to busy schedules, unforeseen circumstances or more opportunities for production, the delivery times are not listed under the articles. 

  • Why are the delivery times so 'long'?

Almost all Mientje Fröbel products are handmade especially for you. Handwork takes more time and to be able to manufacture all products with the same care and attention there are longer delivery times than with mass production. With a product of Mientje Fröbel you have a unique and personal item in your possession!

  • Letterbox packages: good to know

From the moment the parcel is sent, we no longer have any influence on the shipping process. Letterbox parcels are sent with track & trace, the parcel will be tracked as soon as it is scanned at the POSTNL drop-off point. The postman scans the parcel as soon as it is put in the mailbox. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that a mailbox deviates from the sizes allowed by POSTNL. For example, mailboxes in a central hall in a flat or in apartments, a loose mailbox outside the door or narrow mailboxes in older houses. Unfortunately, we cannot see in advance what kind of mailbox someone has. Normally, the deliveryman will then ring the doorbell. If you know in advance that delivery of letterbox packages is a problem in your letterbox, please let us know when finalizing your order or choose an alternative delivery address immediately. This can prevent many delivery problems. It can also be advisable to put a note in front of the postman in case you want the parcel to be delivered to your own address.

  • According to the track&trace my order has been delivered but I haven't received anything?

The postman scans the parcel as soon as it is put in the mailbox. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that a mailbox deviates from the sizes allowed by POSTNL. See the item above for more explanation about letterbox packages. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that the shipment has not been delivered, the track&trace is not completed or it does indicate the delivered status. From the moment the parcel is shipped, we unfortunately no longer have any influence on the shipping process. We are dependent on POSTNL for further reporting, unfortunately experience shows that this takes some time. It makes no sense in this case to contact POSTNL yourself, they will always refer to the policy that the sender should contact. Of course this is not a problem for us, in this case please send an email to as soon as you suspect something is wrong with the shipment. The shorter on the shipping date the more chance that the parcel can be traced. In the meantime we can send the order again in consultation, if your order is in a hurry please indicate this specifically. Per situation we will assess which agreements we can make in this case regarding the value of the products and the shipping costs to be made.

  • I want to cancel/return my order/guarantee

This is possible, more information can be found on this page or click on the link "Return/Cancel" in the footer at the bottom of the page.

  • I placed and paid for my order but I haven't heard back?

You will receive, when there are no details, 3 times an email regarding the status of the order: the order confirmation immediately after placing the order, the payment confirmation when your payment has been processed and the shipping confirmation (if applicable with track&trace code). When it's not necessary, you won't receive a message between the payment confirmation and the shipping confirmation.

  • I have sent an email/WhatsApp but haven't received a response yet?

The aim is to reply to the email within 24 hours, due to busy or unforeseen circumstances or due to a bad connection this may take longer. If you haven't received a message after 2 days, the email or your message probably hasn't arrived.

  • Can I choose different colors and compositions than the articles on the site?

Yes, the items in the shop as examples are for inspiration and to be able to order quickly. However, you can compose almost every item yourself. Under each category where this is possible is a 'custom made' article of which you can choose all colors yourself (punnikwoorden, caketoppers, viltslingers, hairbands).

  • I need an urgent article is this possible?

All orders are processed in order of receipt. It is therefore practically impossible to deliver orders with urgency, after all, everyone wants his or her order as quickly as possible. You can shorten the final delivery time as soon as you really need the gift by using the pre-order option: when you know the desired color combination but are only waiting for the birth and name you can place the order in advance. This will then be processed within the indicated delivery time and as soon as you know the name (and date of birth) you will have your order within 1-2 working days!

  • I've seen a colour on an article I made earlier but I can't figure out which colour it is, what now?

Send your question by e-mail or Whatsapp and you will receive the correct colour code as soon as possible.

  • Can the order be wrapped as a present?

All orders are packed as gifts. It is also possible to have it sent directly to the recipient. In that case, choose a different delivery address and mention in remarks which text you would like to have with the package. When ordering, order confirmations or invoices with price information will never be sent.

  • What safety regulations should I follow?

Because the products are used by small children and are subject to wear and tear, there are a number of safety precautions to observe. The safety instructions are described on this page. You will also receive a printed copy of each article to which these instructions apply; useful if you want to give an article as a gift, the recipient will have it in his/her possession immediately. 

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